Globalmediapro YBB-73LA vMix, OBS Control Panel

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Globalmediapro YBB-73LA vMix, OBS Control Panel
The YBB-73LA control panel is an advanced recording and broadcasting device designed based on the vMix protocol. Equipped with two-color key background lighting and a convenient USB interface, it offers users an excellent control experience, enhancing the efficiency and professionalism of recording operations.


Use Cases:

Live Program Production: Suitable for producing various live programs, including concerts, speeches, sports events, etc. With support from the vMix protocol, users can easily switch and mix in real-time.

Online Education Recording and Broadcasting: Provides professional recording and broadcasting solutions for online education platforms. Teachers can quickly switch between different teaching contents using the keyboard to enhance course effectiveness.

Corporate Training and Conference Recording: During corporate training sessions and meetings, use the keyboard to effortlessly record and edit presentations, speeches, etc., for subsequent sharing and review.

E-commerce Live Broadcasting: Supports live product display and sales broadcasts on e-commerce platforms. Through simple operations, users can switch between different lenses to showcase various angles and characteristics of the product.

Event Live Recording and Broadcasting: Ideal for large-scale events, exhibitions, weddings, and other live recordings and broadcasts, facilitating users in capturing important moments and enabling real-time editing and sharing.


Support Protocol: MIDI Protocol
Interface: USB
Supported Software: vMix, OBS Studio
Managed Devices: Depends on the platform
T-Bar: Transitions, Special Effects
Power Source: 5V 1A (USB)
Operating Temperature: 0oC ~ 55oC / 14oF ~ 131oF
Working Humidity: 20% ~ 80% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature: -10oC ~ 60oC / 14oF ~ 140oF
Storage Humidity: 0% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions : 277.8 x 149.9 x 110.4 mm
Weight : 1.5 kg