Tonghui TH2518 Resistance / Temperature Scanner

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2518 Resistance / Temperature Scanner
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
Test Range 10u Ohm-200k Ohm
With temperature compensation
Temperature Test Accuracy +/-1%Rd, Range: -10oC-99.9oC
16 Channels (Option 90 Channel)


4.3 inch 24-color touch LCD screen with 480 x 272 resolution
Chinese and English optional operation interface
Up to 90-channel resistance/temperature scan tests
Support 6 units for free insertion and removal, simultaneous measurement between test units
Maximum test speed can reach 600 times / sec
Maximum resistance accuracy: 0.05%, minimum resolution: 10u Ohm
Basic temperature accuracy: 0.2 oC
The adopted test end of the scan test channel is programmable
Compatible with scanning and stand-alone measurement modes
Temperature measurement can support PT100, PT500 and analog voltage three temperature sampling methods
Temperature compensation function (TC)
One-click screen capture function
Data logging function
Automatic upgrade of instrument operating software via USB HOST
Comparison sort results of channel, board and machine-level can be output
Handler interface for online operations


In the Box

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PT500 temperature sensor
40-core flat cable