Tonghui TH2515 DC Resistance Meter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2515 DC Resistance Meter
Basic Accuracy: 0.01%
Test Range 0.1u Ohm-110M Ohm
With temperature compensation
Temperature Test
5 1/2 Digital Display


Maximum accuracy: 0.01%
Temperature accuracy: 0.1oC
Minimum resolution: 0.1u Ohm (resistance)
Low-resistance test mode can effectively protect DUT
Multiple measurement combinations of R, LPR, T
24 bits, 4.3-inch and 4-wire touch LCD screen
LCD resolution: 480x272
Temperature compensation (TC)
Temperature conversion (Δt)
Maximum sampling rate: 100 samps/sec
Offset voltage compensation (OVC)
Customer self-correction (0 ADJ)
Simultaneously output compare results of 10 bins (OVER,PASS and BEEP)
Statistics function: CpK, Cp
30 groups of parameter files can be saved and loaded
Screen information can be stored on U-disk
Data save function brings convenience for saving measurement result
Automatically update operation software through USB HOST
Operation languages: Chinese and English
Intelligent detection for test state error
Flexible and convenient file operation system
Handler interface realizes on-line operation.
Interfaces such as RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and LAN are available and GPIB is optional.
Compatible with LXI C standard Specifications


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