Victor 842A Laser Distance Meter (pack 10 pcs)

by Victor
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Victor 842A Laser Distance Meter (pack 10 pcs)
Max distance: 50m
Precision: +/-(1.5mm+d*Five hundred thousandths)
Continuous measurement: Yes
Area volume measurement: Yes
Pythagorean measurement: Yes
Addition and subtraction measurement: Yes
Area volume addition and subtraction: Yes
Max/min: Yes
Self-calibration: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Laser class: II
Laser type: level 2 635nm, <1 mW
Storage number: 99 pens
Automatically cut off the laser: 20 seconds
Automatic shut-down: 150 seconds
Voice prompt: Yes
Storage temperature: -20oC ~60oC
Operating temperature: 0oC~40oC
Storage humidity: 20%~ 80%RH
Battery: 1.5V AAA
Dimensions: 112*50* 25mm