Victor 6237P Digital Stroboscope Tachometer

by Victor
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Victor 6237P Digital Stroboscope Tachometer


Adopt micro computing techniques (CPU), photoelectric techniques, anti-interference advancement technologies to realize
non-contact rotational speed measurement and test the status or surface damage of the movement objects.
With backlight, the oversized screen LCD display ensures accurate readings.
Two ways of regulation has single regulation(crude regulation /fine adjustment) and continuity regulation(crude regulation/
fine adjustment) for measuring conveniently.
To save battery consumption, there are certain switches specializing in controlling backlight and flashlight.
When the power voltage bellows a regulated value, it automatically reminds you.
With a firm structure,delicate design,the meter adopts durable optimized electric parts. The cover is made in light weight and
firm ABS material. It looks elegant, delicate and is easier to carry with or operate.