Tonghui TH2826A Precision LCR Meter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2826A Precision LCR Meter
Test frequency : 20Hz-2MHz with the resolution of 10mHz
Test level : 10mV-5V,+/-(10%+10mV)
Basic accuracy : 0.1%
The highest test speed up to 200 times/s.
320 x 240 dot-matrix large graphic LCD display
5-digit display resolution
22 parameter combinations available
4 signal source output impedance
10 points list sweep function
Built-in DC bias source
Auto level control (ALC) function of voltage or current
V,I test signal level monitor function
Graphic scanning and analyzing function
20 groups of setting for storage/load
Built-in comparator, 10-bins and bin counters
Multiple communication interfaces
2m/4m cable length extension


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