Victor 02+ Thermocouple Calibrator

by Victor
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Victor 02+ Thermocouple Calibrator
Output and measurement with basic accuracy of 0.05%. 5 digits display for measured value. With resolution of 0.1oC the output unit can be converted between oC and oF.
Measurements: DC voltage, 8 types of thermocouple measurement (R / S / K / E / J / T / B / N).
Outputs: DC voltage, 8 types of thermocouple outputs (R / S / K / E / J / T / B / N).
Temperature compensation with high accuracy at the cold terminal is designed for measurement and output of thermocouple.
The phase compensation of output make it possible for instrument to drive a load with capacitance up to 2000µf, matching for application with the filter of large capacitance at the input terminal.
Adjustable output gain, easy in operation.
Built-in self-tests with closed-case calibration (no internal calibration adjustment).