Victor 25 Multifunction Process Calibrator

by Victor
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Victor 25 Multifunction Process Calibrator
High Accuracy of 0.02% for source
6 digits display for source
A dual
Liquid crystal display
White LED for backlight


VICTOR 25 provides powerful measure, almost all of the output process parameters and calibration.
Measurement and output of the basic accuracy of 0.02%, the measurement is displayed as 5, the output for the six.
Measurement functions : DC voltage, DC current, ohms, frequency, thermocouple, RTD, digital display of measured values ​​to maintain and measure the average processing, the internal power supply providing 24V loop.
Output : DC voltage, DC current, ohms, analog transmitters, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, pulse, switch, pressure, internal power supply providing 24V loop.
Measurement and output as two independent channels allow simultaneous real-time measurement and output process signals; multiple data, the measured value can be displayed simultaneously and set output settings.
The internal 24 V loop power supply provides power to the transmitter, and simultaneous mA measurement.
Can be wire, 3-wire ohm and thermal resistance measurement.
Rapid response switch test allows you to capture the process parameters when switching.
The DC current output, it can provide 25% and 100% of the manual step, automatic step and auto ramp function output.
Can be equipped with pressure range of 32 different pressure modules, the pressure range from 2.49KPa to 70MPa, 5-digit display pressure measurement.



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