Victor 01+ Temperature Calibrator

by Victor
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Victor 01+ Temperature Calibrator
Output with basic accuracy of 0.05%. 5 digits display for measured value. With resolution of 0.1oC the output unit can be converted between oC and oF.
8 types of analogue output (R / S / K / E / J / T / B / N) for thermocouple. DCV output provides extra range of temperature output. The phase compensation of output make it possible for instrument to drive a load with capacitance up to 2000µf, matching for application with the filter of large capacitance at the input terminal.
7 types of thermistor output (Cu50, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000). Resistor output provides extra range of temperature output. The response time of current input is less than 5ms. It can be used as the signal source of instrument with pulse input (such as DCS,PLC temperature detector)and secondary instrument.
Temperature compensation with high accuracy at the cold terminal is designed for the thermocouple output.
Adjustable output gain, easy in operation.
Built-in self-tests with closed-case calibration (no internal calibration adjustment).