Globalmediapro DBP988C Li-ion Battery 65Wh with DC

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Globalmediapro DBP988C Li-ion Battery 65Wh with DC
Battery pack (8800mAh)
2 times higher capacity than Canon BP-945
In-built DC connector to power on-camera light
Reliable, high quality battery for professional camcorders
4-level LED power indicator
High power draw
No memory effect
Will work with Canon XL-1, XL-1S, XL-2, GL-1, GL-2, XM-2, XL-H1, XL-H1A, XL-H1S and some other camcorders
The battery will not work Canon XH, XA, XF


Outstanding Quality!
To ensure our customers always receive the latest models and eliminate any storage time that can reduce battery lifespan, Globalmediapro batteries are shipped directly from the manufacturer to customers.

Returned batteries are directed to our engineering team, where they investigate and refine the product, leading to an improved version. With years of dedicated development, we are confident that our products represent the highest quality on the market.


Cell type : Lithium Ion
Capacity : 8800mAh
Nominal voltage : 7.4V
Output voltage of DC Connector : 7.4V (DC Jack (Male), 3.5mm OD, 1.3mm ID)
Power limit including DC Connector : 40W
End voltage : 6.0V
Charge current : 1.76A
Quick charge : 4.4A
Charge voltage : 8.4V
Operating Temperature Range :
- Charging 0 to 45oC (32 to 113oF)
- Discharging -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)
Charging : CC/CV model, relative voltage 8.4V, relative current 0.2C,end current 0.01C
Discharging : relative current 0.2C, end voltage 6.0V
RH : 45% - 75%
Internal resistance : less than 150 mOhm
Weight : 380 g (0.84 lbs)

Charging time :
270 minutes with Globalmediapro SCQ2-DC-C charger
480 minutes with Globalmediapro SC1-DV-C charger


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