Globalmediapro DC970 Li-ion Battery 47Wh with DC

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Globalmediapro DC970 Li-ion Battery 47Wh with DC
Professional battery (6300mAh)
In-built DC connector to power on-camera light
Reliable, high quality battery for professional camcorders
Replaces Sony NP-F970 battery
High power draw
No memory effect


Outstanding Quality!
To ensure our customers always receive the latest models and eliminate any storage time that can reduce battery lifespan, Globalmediapro batteries are shipped directly from the manufacturer to customers.

Returned batteries are directed to our engineering team, where they investigate and refine the product, leading to an improved version. With years of dedicated development, we are confident that our products represent the highest quality on the market.


Cell type : Lithium Ion
Capacity : 6300mAh
Nominal voltage : 7.4V
Output voltage of DC Connector : 7.4V (DC Jack (Male), 3.5mm OD, 1.3mm ID)
Power limit including DC Connector : 40W
End voltage : 6.0V
Charge current : Optimal Fast Charge Rate 2200mA
Charge voltage : Optimal Charge Voltage 8.4V
Operating Temperature Range :
- Charging: 0 to 45oC (32 to 113oF)
- Discharging: -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)
RH : 45%-75%
Internal resistance : less than 180 mOhm
Weight : approximately 273 g (0.60 lbs)
Dimensions W x H x D : approximately 38.2 x 59.5 x 70.0 mm (1.50 x 2.34 x 2.76 in)

Charging time :
210 minutes with Globalmediapro SCQ2-DC-S charger
360 minutes with Globalmediapro SC1-DV-S charger


Reviewed by 3 Customers
Rating: 5.0
Todo perfecto, muy rapido
Rating: 5.0
By Verified Buyer from espaƱa on
Todo perfecto, muy rapido
Review: Globalmediapro DC970 Battery 47WH with DC
Rating: 5.0
By from Perth, Western Australia on
This battery is excellent, providing power for a full day's shooting with
a Sony HVR-V1P camcorder. It is competively priced compared with the Sony
original battery or that of competing brands.
Review: Globalmediapro DC970 Battery 47WH with DC
Rating: 5.0
By from Perth Western Australia on
This battery is excellent value for money at about one third of the price
of the Sony original. As I have only had it a few weeks, it is not
possible to determine the battery's lifespan, but it seems well made. The
charge life for camcorder operations is excellent - 400+ minutes.

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