Which batteries are compatible with the Arri Alexa?

The following Globalmediapro batteries have been successfully tested with the Arri Alexa:

All current Globalmediapro V-Mount batteries, except the Li150BSU-R Buddy System.

Gold Mount
Li99AX - high-power 99Wh battery with USB
Li160AX - high-power 158Wh battery with USB
Li190AU - high-power 190Wh battery with USB
Li190BAU - high-power 192Wh buddy battery system with USB *
Li200BAU - high-power 198Wh buddy battery system with USB *
Li230A - 230Wh battery
Li250AX - high-power 247Wh battery with USB
Li280AU - high-power 280Wh battery with USB

* The key feature of the buddy battery system is that it can be separated into two airline travel friendly parts.